Trip Report

Manawatu Estuary – 20 January 2003

It’s taken most of the summer, but at last there is a pukka rarity at the Manawatu Estuary. Brent and I found an adult common tern there this morning among about 60 white-fronted terns. (Manawatu Estuary Trust members should read my prophetic bit in the newsletter about rare Terns appearing!!)

Also present was the little tern, 26 wrybills, 20 Pacific golden plovers, 5 sharp-tailed sandpipers, 4 curlew sandpipers, 2 red-necked stints and lots (uncounted) of red knot and bar-tailed godwit. No sign of the previously reported Eastern curlew, even though it was a very high tide.



Click here to see photos of the common tern and how we identified it.