Brent and has group have had a great couple of days – Queen Charlotte Sound, Kaikoura, and mostly in good weather.  Heading through to Arthur’s Pass tomorrow, and could be a little damp!  Read the blogs here…

So we have a few other things going on as well. Phil had a great day around Auckland with some clients yesterday, seeing some great birds including 21 endemic breeders in just the one day! Well worth having a day with a guide around the Auckland area!
Neil has a nine day private trip with a couple at the moment as has been doing really well around the south of the country. They had good kea near Milford, the usual forest birds but some good yellow-crowned parakeets in the Eglinton Valley, and even a spotless crake in that area also showing very well. Also excellent falcon and more parakeets and rifleman the next day in the Eglinton. A nice grey-tailed tattler at Riverton, and then crossing to Stewart Island both white-capped and Buller’s albatross, Cook’s petrels and lots of sooty shearwaters and fairy prions. That night three Southern brown kiwi, and next day a great morning on Ulva with yellow heads all over the place and all the other targets, plus a Hooker’s sea lion! Southern Royal albatross and Fiordland crested penguin in the afternoon.
So still all go here in New Zealand!