Well just under a week until we kick off with our first tours of the season.  Sav will be leading the way with our first ‘custom’ tour, that has a slightly different itinerary to our normal 21-day tours.  We were contacted by this group to do a slight variation on our normal tour, and as always when we have guides available we have put something together that works perfectly for the clients!  It is always an option if you are a group or individual that would like something slightly different, so please get in touch with us by email.

In a few weeks our first scheduled 21-day tour will start, and then it really is all go.  We have just filled the last place on that tour, and effectively have five full length tours leading up to Christmas.  There are still a couple of places available on tours in early 2020, but we expect those will disappear over the next few weeks, with a fair bit of interest for ‘last-minute’ tour options.

Likewise our pelagics are filling fast.  We only have a limited number of pelagics each summer – they are tied to our 21-day tours – so they are therefore never based on minimum numbers!  The only reason we ever cancel these pelagics is if the weather is too rough.  So, if you do want to get out on the water with us this summer, best to email us and confirm interest as soon as possible!

Looking forward to an excellent summer!