Grey plover

28/11/04 Grey plover, Pluvialis squatarola, seen at Maketu Estuary, Bay of Plenty

A grey plover was first seen by Paul Cuming on 28 November 2004 at the Maketu Estuary. It was subsequently seen by Tim Barnard on 2 December and 10 December, and the photograph below was taken on 2 December.

The bird was not seen when Brent visited the area on 30 December with Tim, during pouring rain. However, a grey plover, possibly the same bird, was seen at the Manukau Harbour shortly after. On 15 January 2005 when Brent visited the area with David Lawrie, Simon and Morag Fordham, Roger McNeill, Gillian Vaughan, and Tim Barnard the bird was still present.

The above photograph was taken by Tim Barnard and is copyrighted. If you would like to use it, then please contact me first and I will give you Tim’s details.