Greater sand plover

20/01/07 Greater sand plover at the Manawatu Estuary, Manawatu
Brent was leading a Wrybill Birding Tours, NZ 21-day tour, and stopped in at the Manawatu Estuary to see what waders were about. A possible great knot had been sighted earlier in the week by Ian Armitage, so a keen eye was on the lookout. No great knot was found, however, amongst the usual flock of bar-tailed godwit and red knot, feeding on the mudflats, was a greater sand plover. This is only the second record of this species at this site, with the first being recorded in October 2001. Although the species is recorded regularly at several sites around the Manukau Harbour in Auckland, Farewell Spit, and Southland, it is rarely recorded in other parts of the country.

A nice bird for the trip list and a great record for the Manawatu Estuary.