Booking with us on a 21-day tour will entitle you to a copy of Birds of New Zealand: A Photographic Guide by Paul Scofield and our very own Brent Stephenson! You will receive a copy of the book – one per couple, one per single – as part of the tour price.  We love the book, and it really is the best guide to New Zealand birds!  And we might be biased, but here is some very kind unprompted and unbiased praise from clients Gill and Bob, Ontario, Canada.

We received your book a couple of days ago and we are still fighting over it!
It is one of the best birding books I have encountered, great pics of course, giving views of the birds as we see them in the wild, rather than just perfectly posed. The name origins really make this book almost impossible to put down. And when we saw you had an App Bob downloaded it for each of us. So we don’t need to bring our other NZ bird books with us.
Move over Petersen Sibley and Stokes (the gurus of North American bird guides) – there are new boys on the block!