book_coverBrent is very proud to announce that his book “Birds of New Zealand: A photographic guide” by Paul Scofield and Brent Stephenson has just been reprinted in New Zealand. First published in September 2013, the book sold out in just over two years, and has now been reprinted. This is the authoritative text on New Zealand birds, covering 365 species, including all the endemics. With over 1000 images, almost all of them by Brent, this book will be the go to for all keen birders, and can be used both in the field and as a reference book for the home. It can be purchased online through all major online bookstore, or through the Auckland University Press website which has sample pages and info. All participants on our 21-day tours will receive a free copy of the book! There is also a smart phone app version of the book, so if you want to travel lightweight, then take a look at the iTunes app store, or through your Android app store.