Well our 2022-23 season has finished, with what can only be described as our busiest season to date. We are so glad to have been able to get back into tour mode, and show New Zealand and it’s amazing scenery and birds to all our clients this season.  Many of the people out on tour with us had been booked with us for 3-4+ years.  So, with the opening of the New Zealand border in mid 2022, it was a great relief to be able to run our tours.

Of course this summer was not without issues, with the weather being a bit of a disruption.  Storms and unprecedented amounts of rain and flooding caused issues with roads, airports, and of course boat trips.  However, we think the tours got off fairly lightly, with the effects of Cyclone Gabrielle which caused incredible devastation to parts of the East Coast of the North Island, occurring just after all of our tours visiting that part of the country had passed.  Climate change and unpredictable weather are certainly more and more evident, and we as operators feel even more committed to treading as lightly as we can.  Our commitment to the World Land Trust remains steadfast.

Looking forward to next season, we already have almost all tours fully booked, and have just updated the website with dates for pelagic tours next season, and beyond.  And our dates for 21-day tours through to early 2025 are now up.  With people fully returning to travel, and New Zealand being the destination it is, we advise anyone looking to book a tour with us, to let us know sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment!