Pelagic trips

 NameTotalDate SubmittedLast birds seen
*Steve Wood29631 July 2020Pallid cuckoo, Chatham petrel, Chatham snipe
*Brent Stephenson29212 April 2021Pallid cuckoo, great frigate bird, red-footed booby
*Sav Saville29110 April 2021Common noddy, great frigatebird, Kermadec storm-petrel
*Igor Debski28715 April 2021Great frigatebird, South Polar skua, Kermadec storm-petrel
*Colin Miskelly28029 April 2014Buff-breasted sand, Crested tern
*Phil Hammond27814 April 2021Little stint, pallid cuckoo, collared petrel
*Brian Bell26324 February 2005 
*David Lawrie2607 October 2019 
*Detlef Davies25628 January 2020Australian wood duck, plumed whistling-duck, broad-billed sandpiper
*Dave Howes25312 April 2021Collared petrel, Kermadec storm-petrel, long-tailed skua
*Nigel Milius24923 March 2019White-winged tern, Northern shoveler, plumed whistling duck
*Graeme Taylor24723 February 2005 
*Tony Crocker24520 November 2020Hoary-headed grebe, Australian wood duck, laughing kookaburra
*Fraser Gurney2453 June 2021Long-tailed skua, galah, Antarctic petrel
*Alan Froggatt23810 October 2019Black kite, erect-crested penguin, Southern brown kiwi
*Ross Silcock (USA)23318 December 2019Grey plover, chestnut-breasted shelduck, Pacific swift
*John Kyngdon23214 April 2021Gould’s Petrel, long-tailed skua, Kermadec storm-petrel
*Harry Boorman2327 June 2021Kermadec storm-petrel, soft-plumaged petrel, grey-headed albatross
*Phil Hansbro (UK/Australia)22916 April 2007 
*Ian Smith22511 January 2017Wilson's phalarope, Baillon's crake, laughing gull
*David Thomas2252 November 2020Rowi (Okarito kiwi), snowy albatross, tree martin
*Matt Jones22429 December 2017Erect-crested penguin, Northern shoveler, black-tailed nativehen
*Matthias Dehling2247 August 2018Galah, Arctic tern, little egret
*Oscar Thomas22416 February 2021 Auckland Islands teal, rockhopper penguin, Subantarctic snipe
*Alan McBride (Australia)22226 April 2006 
*Jon Jackson22215 January 2021 Little stint, orange-fronted parakeet, barn owl
*Andrew Crossland22125 March 2015Light-mantled sooty albatross, brown booby, Australian pelican
*Peter Reese2201 March 2005 
*Scott Brooks22014 April 2021Great frigatebird, collared petrel, Kermadec storm-petrel
*Dion Hobcroft21928 December 2019 Hoary-headed grebe, sanderling, Baillon's crake 
*Phil Battley21921 December 2020Chatham petrel, Australian wood duck, great-spotted kiwi
*Wendy Hare21812 May 2010 
*Russell Cannings21620 March 2019Wood duck, gull-billed tern, hoary-headed grebe
*Wynston Cooper2144 January 2008 
*Grahame Brind2139 February 2020Cape Barren goose, grey ternlet, Terek sandpiper
*Nick Allen21221 February 2017Little egret, gull-billed tern
*Alan Collins (UK/Australia)2099 May 2008 
*Jan Walker20718 April 2019Gull-billed tern, hoary-headed grebe, little egret
*Sue Lashko20619 February 2019Fiordland-crested penguin, Southern brown kiwi, South Island saddleback
*Mike Bell20425 January 2007 
*Neil Robertson20330 December 2017Black-tailed nativehen, little spotted kiwi, orange-fronted parakeet
*Tania Ireton (Australia)20212 April 2008 
*Warwick Allen2023 March 2021White-naped petrel, wandering tattler, terek sandpiper
Richard Fenner19915 April 2019Broad-billed sandpiper, grey-backed storm-petrel, Australasian little grebe
Duncan Watson1995 January 2020Hoary-headed grebe, broad-billed sandpiper, Hudsonian godwit
Phil Gregory (Australia)19831 December 2010 
Tony Palliser (Australia)19223 December 2004 
Chris Doughty (Australia)1914 January 2007 
Iain Johnson (UK, previously living   in NZ)19014 March 2011 
George Watola (UK/NZ)19014 January 2015Crested tern, Brown booby
Kirk Zufelt (Canada)18829 March 2013 
Doug Hanna (USA)18526 January 2013 
Simon Fordham18425 March 2014 
Mark McFadden1781 June 2020Little egret, Northern shoveler
Zef Brooks (11 years old)17822 October 2020Cirl bunting, little owl, white-winged black tern
Suzi Phillips17718 October 2009 
Peter Carnall17422 September 2009 
Helen Arthurs17122 October 2020Galah, Northern shoveler, white-winged black tern
Philip Crutchley16821 January 2007 
Paul Cuming16514 April 2003 
Jim Moore1647 April 2003 
Chris Cooke16310 October 2017Yellow-crowned parakeet, red-footed booby, whiskered tern
Ollie Brooks (14 years old)16322 October 2020New Zealand storm-petrel, far-eastern curlew, white-winged black tern
Colin Lunt16124 July 2010 
Frank Pierce15328 December 2009 
Jay Brooks (9 years old)15322 October 2020Galah, far-eastern curlew, white-winged black tern
John Ballantyne15130 May 2005 
Mark Ayre15125 October 2010 
Conori Bell (11 years old)14925 January 2007 
Rob Leslie (Sth Africa)14923 July 2005 
Eric Tull (Canada)13822 March 2006 
Trevor Hardaker (Sth Africa)13716 November 2002 
Brooke Clibbon (Canada)13522 March 2006 
Georges Olioso (France)1321 January 2006 
Simon Plat (Netherlands)1272 March 2005 
Bruce & Yvonne Wedderburn (Australia)1159 February 2008 
Jeremy Crossland10410 October 2006 
Chris & Ro Lester (Australia)10110 January 2008 
Brendan & Ruth McCartney (UK)928 January 2003 
* beside the person's name in the table above signifies they are members of the 200 Club

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